Range Time LLC is a real-world brick and mortar store in Phoenix Arizona owned and operated by US Marine Corps veterans and competition shooters. We are passionate about the industry and our 2nd Amendment rights. Our goal is to supply unbiased knowledge to those who seek it so they can be more informed buyers and shooters. We only sell firearms and equipment that we would personally use or vouch for. We are a no BS operation and we will do right by the customer. Call us during our business hours and an English-speaking American will answer the phone. We can help answer any questions you have or help you place an order. The other portion of our business is training in the greater Phoenix area. If you would like to vet us please feel free to do so. Our training site is www.RangeTimeLLC.com

Call:    (480) 702-1276
Visit:   14647 S. 50th St Ste128, Phoenix, AZ 85044